Featured Artist

“Do your own thing, be inspired and make it interesting”

Brandon J. Drucker was born in Miami Beach, Florida in 1991.  He became a professional artist at 18. His art can be described as whimsical Fauvism and is often imaginary animals and places.  Brandon’s art is the product of fragmented unfiltered thoughts trapped in his mind with no linear connection. His art communicates how he sees the world around him as an individual living with autism. For Brandon, creating art means exploring the familiar and unknown as observed in his popular series, Combo Cities, Combo Animals, and Combo Languages. He interprets the similarities and differences and paints his representation on canvas for his own understanding. His first book (2014) “Diary of An Autistic Kid, typical random thoughts of a not so typical kid” was written and illustrated when he was 23 and is a collection of his personal experiences of his struggles with relationships and the behaviors that are often seen as a manifestation of autism.  www.BrandonDruckerArtist.com