Featured Artist


Chris Aviles is a 24-year-old artist diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Born in Miami, Florida, Chris was diagnosed with autism at the age of three. He taught himself to draw. He likes to draw his own version of animated characters. He puts a lot of details in his drawings. 

Chris’ inspirations are Disney and Stan Lee, and he has taken animated classes with Dani Bowman. He enjoys using colored pencils as his media. It is Chris’ honor to be the featured artist for the 20th annual Tropical Nights gala honoring the Mneimneh family.  Chris and Tarek became childhood friends while attending Atlantis Academy and L.I.F.E. Chris has been named the 2018 Arts 4 All Florida Student of the Month, 2019 Whistling Wolf Penguin Project Exhibition, and in 2021 Exhibited at the University of North Florida Lufrano Intercultural Gallery.