Tropical Nights' Chair

 Patsy Schmidt-Cozier

Patsy Schmidt-Cozier is a Senior Accountant at AerSale and is very involved in the causes promoting child advocacy, particularly with children on the Autism Spectrum and those children who have significant medical challenges that are potentially life threatening.  She previously served on the board of the Autism Society of Miami Dade County, and is still an active volunteer and Wish Grantor at the Make A Wish Foundation in excess of 20 years. In her journey to promote inclusiveness, she has taken part in initiatives in her native town of Ponce, Puerto Rico, which includes workshops in community centers and schools to promote and increased understanding of what being on the autism spectrum actually involves.

Patsy is passionate about the mission of UM NSU CARD and the many lives this worthwhile program has touched in our community, including her son, Ryan.  Married to Christian Cozier, they also have two other children, Andre & Rose.  She is pleased to serve as co-chair this year and to promote the mission of helping families with special needs kids get access to services in our community.